BPW Australia Statement on Pay Equity

BPW Australia represents the interests of working women across Australia and takes the voices of women to government policy makers – and these voices are increasingly saying that Australia must address the gender pay gap. With Australia's national pay gap remaining static betweem 15% and 18%, BPW Australia is determined to improve pay equity for women across all professions and occupations.

Pay inequity impacts on working women because it:

  • reduces income for women and their families
  • reduces women’s participation in the workforce with associated loss of skills and experience
  • reduces women’s superannuation and capacity for financial security during retirement

BPW Australia continues its Equal Pay Day Campaign, and we’ll highlight the issue every year in the lead up to Equal Pay Day in early September.  This day is calculated each year as the extra time since June 30 it takes a woman to earn the same as a man in the previous financial year.

The Equal Pay Alliance was formed in 2009. BPW Australia partnered with the ACTU in order to harness the power of employers, employees and organisations that are committed to advancing the cause of pay equity. Go to equalpayday.com.au for more information on how to join the Alliance or participate in equal pay activities.

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