Join BPW Australia. We are a network of local Clubs, with a Global outlook.

BPW Australia welcomes as members women in all our diversity; women in paid or voluntary work, women who used to work and women who aspire to work. 

Belong to a world-wide network of engaged women, in 103 countries. BPW clubs bring together employers and employees  working in corporate, small business, professions, trades, non-profit and government. 

BPW Members champion the right of women to participate fully at every level of the workforce in every sector, and drive to make real differences in women’s lives by raising awareness, leading debate and driving change. And we network, learn and have fun along the way.

We also have a Friends of BPW membership which we encourage supporters of any gender to join and help us drive forward to change.

Advocacy - Leadership - Achievement - Education - Gender Equality
- International Understanding - Personal Development

BPW Australia Annual Membership Options

BPW Member $225
BPW Concession Member $112.50
BPW Corporate Member $1200  (Up to 4 Members)
BPW Small Business (A) $300 (B) $525 (Up to 2 members)
Note: All new members also pay a one-off Joining Fee

Share your Passion now...

Submit your ideas for change. Share your special interests. Teach members your skills. Create a forum topic discussion. Be a thought leader.


Vault of club records. Committee job descriptions. Invitation templates & meeting kits. Venue info & contact details Events planner & club templates. Part of BPW Australia.


Contribute to a BPW project. Subscribe to BPWI Newsletter. Join BPWI social media. Go to BPW International Congress. Attend United Nations CSW. Travel & meet BPW members.


Support women & girls. Sponsor a club meeting. Make a bequest to our projects. Apply for education grants. Contribute your expertise & leadership or learn a newskill. Make new friends. Showcase your business. Be a featured online member. Exhibit or present at a club meeting or conference.


Club leadership. Mentoring. Grants through Professional Development Grants Program. Attend a conference to learn. Meet & network locally & beyond. Upskill public speaking. Learn event management. Become part of a diverse team.


With likeminded women. Diverse ages & occupations. Worldwide network. BPW International - Asia - Pacific – Euope – Africa – the Americas. Lifelong friendships. Industry specialists. Our alliances. A bigger, brighter future.


Your forums. Contribute to topical discussions. Discover answers. Create new thought directions. Explore new ideas. Share what you know.


Your news. Follow BPW news updates. Watch the world accept equality. Monitor legislative changes. Access to government agencies. Get the facts & statistics. Connect on forums.


With your business. Learn more & grow. Expand your customer base. Create local, National and International networks. Access mentors & experts. Welcome success & shine.

Become a member of
BPW Australia...

Join BPW Australia. Belong to an international network of lively and interesting women that includes employers and employees who work across many sectors including corporate, small business, professions, trades, non-profit and government. BPW Australia welcomes as members women in both paid and voluntary work, including women who used to work and women who aspire to work.

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