Individual Membership

Join BPW Australia as an individual member.

Belong to an international network of lively and interesting women that includes employers and employees who work across many sectors including corporate, small business, professions, trades, non-profit and government. 

BPW Australia welcomes as members women in both paid and voluntary work, including women who used to work and women who aspire to work. 

Members champion the right of women to participate fully at every level of the workforce across all these sectors and make real differences in women’s lives by raising awareness, leading debate and driving change.

And we network, learn and have fun along the way.

Advocacy | Leadership | Achievement | Education | Gender Equality | International Understanding |Personal Development


When you join as a BPW Member you are a member of your local club, of BPW Australia and of BPW International, opening up broad opportunities to engage, learn, contribute to achieving BPW’s aims and participate in personal and professional development.

Belonging to your local Club brings additional benefits, including regular communications about Club projects and programs and contact details of Club members to foster networking and mentoring.  As a member of BPW Australia and BPW International, you can attend meetings of any Club across the country and even across the globe!  If you are travelling within Australia, remember to check the website Club pages to see when and where the Club in your destination meets.

Member benefits include

·                     Membership pack including your own BPW name badge (new members only)

·                     Member rates to attend monthly Club meetings and events

·                     Eligibility for nomination to your Club Executive Committee

·                     Voting rights at Club level

·                     Member rates to attend the triennial BPW Australia National Conference

·                     Voting rights at BPW Australia National Conference and the opportunity to vote as a Delegate on behalf of your Club

·                     Eligibility for nomination to the BPW Australia Board

·                     Member rates to attend the triennial BPW International Congress

·                     Voting rights at BPW International Congress with the opportunity to vote as a Delegate on behalf of BPW Australia

·                     Eligibility for nomination to the BPW International Executive 

·                     Ability to nominate to attend the Commission on the Status of Women in New York as a BPW International Delegate

·                     Member access to the BPW Australia website and resources

·                     Entrance to the Keys to Achievement program and rewards

·                     Eligibility for scholarships through the Agnes Robertson Fund

·                     Discounts on facilitated training programs

·                     Discounts negotiated on behalf of members (when available)

·                     Quarterly Members’ e-Bulletin

·                     Copies of Annual Report, Conference Report and other members-only documentation  

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