BPW Darwin Women's Mentoring Program

About The Program:

In 2021, BPW Darwin received a Women's Leadership and Development Grant through the Commonwealth Government to run a Women's Mentoring Program.  The program is also supported by the Northern Territory Government.

Over 120 Territory women have completed this free values-led group mentoring program delivered in a safe and supportive environment reporting significant life and career changes and recognise an increase in self-awareness & leadership capability.

    The six-month group, values-led program seeks to empower women, build confidence and leadership capacity, strengthen economic independence, support female labour force participation and ultimately reduce the gender gap in the economic status of women in the Northern Territory.

      Once nominations have been received, lead facilitators/and mentees will be partnered into small groups. These groups are referred to as Mentoring Growth Groups.

        There are 3 workshop touch points in April, June and August with a Final workshop to conclude the event in November. There is an additional workshop for the lead facilitator as well as support throughout the program.

        There are mentor and mentee program expectations with support given for you to reach your full potential. 

        For more information email BPW Darwin or to Register for the Mentor program click on the link below. https://bit.ly/3vtpnTy

        Registrations for the 2024 program close on 5 April 2024

        We look forward to you joining us this year and getting to know you better as we grow together.

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