Register for  XXIX BPW International Congress to be held in Cairo, Egypt 23-27 October 2017.  

For the full details of the event, accommodation and other activities visit BPW International Congress website.

Congress is always an exciting opportunity to network with BPW members from all regions of the world.   Please advise BPW Australia if you plan to attend so that you can be included in BPWA events in Cairo.

BPWA sends a Delegation of Board and other Members to BPWI Congress and the following information relates to this year's event.

At the April Board Meeting, the current Board reviewed and endorsed the previous Board's Motion regarding concerns for travelling to Egypt.  In October 2016 and again in April 2017, the BPWA Board has considered expert advice to inform members of the following:

All BPWA members attending BPWI Congress in Cairo are advised to:

Currently the DFAT website advises that Egypt is on a Risk Alert of Level 3 'Reconsider your need to travel'. There are four levels with the highest alert being Level 4 'Do Not travel'.  Level 4 impacts your insurance conditions and it is important that all attendees understand and get the right travel insurance and also register travel plans to receive any warning alert updates. 

BPW International

BPW Australia is affiliated with BPW International, so members of BPW Australia are also members of BPW International. BPW International is one of the most influential international networks of women, with members and clubs in almost 100 countries on 5 continents. A portion of our membership fees are paid to BPW International to help support the organisation’s work at the United Nations and globally. BPW Australia is affiliated globally with other BPW clubs and regions, as well as women’s organisations who work with BPW to make a difference to women around the world.

Known at the United Nations as the International Federation of Business and Professional Women, BPW has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and participatory status with the Council of Europe. Its members include influential women leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, professionals and young career women.

The root of BPW’s advocacy is embedded in our work with the United Nations. BPW lobbied for the formation of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) and was awarded a Peace Messenger Certificate from UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar in 1987. Esther Hymer, our long-term BPW representative at the UN, was named as one of three women playing a significant role in the work of the UN Commission by Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 1997.  Today, BPW continues its representation and advocacy at the UN Headquarters in New York, Vienna and Geneva; the UN’s regional offices including UNECA, UNECE, UNESCAP, UNESCWA and UNECLAC; UN agencies including UNESCO, UNICEF, ILO, WHO, UNCTAD, UNIDO, FAO and UN DPI;  and continues to work closely with UNIFEM.  BPW International also has representatives on the Council of Europe and the European Women’s Lobby and equivalent agencies in other regions including APEC.

Every three years, BPW International holds an International Congress to which every Affiliate is invited to report and to bring resolutions to be debated. These resolutions become the advocacy platform for BPW internationally and are passed to our representatives in the international forums of the United Nations, UNIFEM, UNESCO, ILO and others to make representation.

BPW Australia always participates in these International Congresses, with a strong contingent of members from all states and territories. A significant number of BPW Australia members have been elected to BPW International Executive positions. Australia can celebrate four Presidents of BPW International, more than any other Affiliate globally: Freda Miriklis, 2011 – 2014, Dr Pat Harrison 1999 – 2002, Beryl Nashar 1974 – 1977 and Patience Thoms 1968 – 1971.   Our current BPW International President is Dr Yasmin Darwich Darwich from Mexico.

BPW International is divided into five regions, each of which has a Regional Coordinator:

  • 1.     Africa
  • 2.     Asia Pacific
  • 3.     Europe
  • 4.     Latin America
  • 5.     North America

BPW Australia is a member of the BPW Asia Pacific Region, so we send a delegation to the BPW Asia Pacific Regional Conference held between International Congresses. The current BPW Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator is Susan Jones from Australia.  Past President of BPW Australia Marilyn Forsythe supports Susan as the Subregional Coordinator for BPW Oceania.

Congress 2014 Korea: Proceedings

1 May 2017

Dear BPW International Board of Directors,

I am pleased to present the BPW International Proceedings Report of the 28th International Congress on the theme: Empowered Women Leading Business held in Jeju Province, Republic of Korea (South Korea).

The full report ( been designed to capture some of the congress highlights, in magazine style, and can be used by Affiliates as a resource to help promote future congresses to existing and/or potential members interested in attending and learning more about our various events and activities held in the margins of congress.

Due to the size of the full report we have created separate links that can be easily downloaded and printed. Details About Congress (in magazine style) can be found in:

Section 1 ( The Business Sessions during the General Assembly can be downloaded in Section 2 ( and the Appendices can be downloaded in

Section 3 (

This report serves as an official record of the events that took place during Congress. The full proceedings report and separate sections can also be accessed from the BPW International website.

On behalf of the 2011-2014 Executive, thank you for your support of the 28th International Congress and we trust that you will enjoy the special moments captured in this report, that we shared together.

My personal best wishes

Freda Miriklis

Immediate Past President (2014-17) BPW International

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  • BPW Australia delegates and team members I in especially made uniform, made from "women praying for rain' print by Alice Springs designer.

Australian Members Currently on BPW International Executive

Immediate Past President

Freda Miriklis


Regional Coordinator - Asia Pacific

Susan Jones


Australian Members on BPW Committees and Taskforces

Asia Pacific - Oceania Sub-Regional Coordinator

Marilyn Forsythe

Because of its geographical size Asia-Pacific has (5) subregions. The subregional coordinators are members of affiliates who have a good knowledge and understanding of BPW International and its functions and activities and are selected by the regional coordinator and formally appointed by the BPW International President. 

BPW International Past Presidents - Australian members


Freda Miriklis

Pat Harrison

Beryl Nashar

1968 - 1971
Miss Patience R Thoms OBE

 UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

BPW Australia members have the opportunity attend the annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

 The United Nations Commission on the  Status of Women (CSW)

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