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The theme for International Women's Day 2024 is Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress. Based on the priority theme for the United Nations 68th Commission on the Status of Women, Count Her In will examine the pathways to greater economic inclusion for women and girls everywhere.

6th March - 10am @ Australian Catholic University Strathfield. 25a Barker Rd, Strathfield. 2135


The Hon. Jodie Harrison, MP

  • Minister for Women
  • Minister for Seniors
  • Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault



 Rozaini Nawawi, inaugural President of the Federation of BPW Malaysia (2021-2024)  

Rozaini Nawawi, the inaugural President of the Federation of BPW Malaysia (2021-2024), brings a wealth of experience from her tenure as President of the BPW Putrajaya club (2018-2021) and as a Member of the Standing Committee United Nations (2021-2024). 

Her involvement in BPW International underscores her commitment to advancing Malaysian women in business and the professions, as she aims to leverage the organisation's platform to foster networking and knowledge exchange globally. Under her leadership, the Federation of BPW Malaysia received The Most Outstanding Country Award 2023 at the BPW Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Bahrain (November 6th to 8th, 2023).

Francesca Burack,

BPW New York & UN Committee

Francesca Burack, CEO/President of Fearless Talent Development, Inc., is a renowned advocate for fearlessness, particularly among women, as demonstrated through her roles as a global speaker, author, advisor, and leader. With 35 years of experience, she catalyses systemic change in organisations and empowers individuals to embrace their power and take courageous action. Her book, "Women Are Special -123 Reasons Why," amplifies her message. Francesca's expertise lies in reframing situations positively, fostering new options and directions.

She serves as a UN representative, championing women's equality and parity on global platforms, alongside her roles in various esteemed organisations. Francesca's accolades include recognitions from the New York Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and the White House Conference on Small Business.

Dr. Meena Karna, BPW Nepal

& UN Committee

Dr. Meena Karna has a Professional Degree in Financial Analysis and Research writing. She has worked in Nepal Bank Ltd. as a Manager. She has received many awards from Nepal Bank Ltd. and other Institutions. Her Academic qualifications proved her professionalism as well. She was awarded a Degree of Philosophy in Microfinance and Women Empowerment, a master’s degree in business administration (MBA in Finance) and Public Administration (MPA in Human Resources). Recently she was selected as a member of the Standing Committee of the United Nations from BPW, Nepal. She is smart intelligent, energetic, and always ready to help members of BPW and needy women of the society around the globe.

National Speakers:

1: Jordan Baker Journalist SMH

Senior journalist and passionate advocate with the Sydney Morning Herald. .

2: Associate Professor Belinda von Mengerson Dean ACU

Associate Professor Belinda von Mengersen is an advocate for women in STEM in her dual roles as Strathfield Campus Dean and Discipline Lead in Design, Innovation, and Technologies at Australian Catholic University, she is dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering inclusivity on campus and in Technologies education. Through her work in course design, curriculum revision, and as a technical advisor for syllabus reform, she works to eliminate gender bias and challenge stereotypes, creating a more equitable environment. Inspired by her grandmother, a community leader who established vital support networks for women in regional areas, including a women’s refuge, Associate Professor von Mengersen continues to pave the way for women in STEM, empowering them to reach their full creative potential.

3: Sweta Gupta BPWS

President BPWS and passionate advocate to strengthen the future of all women and girls.


Be part of BPW and have a voice! BPWS provides a platform to connect, learn and develop. 


Business & Professional Women Goals 

  • Community Awareness and Inclusion
  • Community Engagement improving lives
  • Days For Girls Charity: empowering girls through access to education
  • Collaborate with BPW groups nationally
  • Membership: engaging women to make a difference

BPWS International and local project.

Days for Girls Sewing Bee 2024.


Located at Burwood Council - enter through Library. 

  • Wednesday, 13 March 2024 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Wednesday, 10 April 2024 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Wednesday, 08 May 2024 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Wednesday, 12 June 2024 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    BPWS 2024 aims:

    • building relationships between community/services and business
    • engaging in planning laws and practices to reduce negative outcomes for vulnerable women and girls 
    • partnering with councils and local associations to run awareness campaigns
    • raising awareness of Womens Empowerment Principals (WEPs)
    • encouraging members to speak about women's issues
    • mentoring and skills development amongst members
    • information & News updates


    ****  ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress’  ****




    FROM OUR PRESIDENT SWETA GUPTA. " Never stop dreaming, never stop believing...."  https://www.facebook.com/sweta.gupta.16906715/posts/pfbid02ZrU3wqPYj32ty6tjJmT18vUzBNskbFW4jjuWZcyrcEbpkFVf9iExfAXSeT76LosEl

    Gender Equality: Date: Wednesday, 6 October 2021. Progress towards gender equality is looking bleak. But it doesn’t need to. https://www.unwomen.org/en/news/stories/2021/10/feature-what-does-gender-equality-look-like-today

    15 Gender Issues We Must Address: According to The Gender Snapshot 2022 report, it will take around 300 years to reach gender equality. If countries do not make significant progress, the world won’t achieve Sustainable Development Goal #5 by 2030. There is no simple solution to gender inequality. It’s a complex web of intersecting issues that reinforce each other. How can the world untangle the web? Here are 15 gender issues that need to be addressed.   https://www.humanrightscareers.com/issues/gender-issues/ 

    NSW Women's Strategy 2023-26 That women and girls in NSW: live and work in a safe and fair society where they are treated with respect and dignity, have suitable access to services, resources, opportunities and protections that enable them to thrive.


    BPW International

     (International Federation of Business and Professional Women) is an influential international network of business and professional women from more than 100 countries in 5 continents with Consultative Status at ECOSOC/United Nations. Founded in 1930, BPW International develops the professional, leadership and business potential of women on all levels through mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world.

    ** NEWS: Free Service: Ask Izzy.  If you need some help, the Ask Izzy website can connect you with nearby support services across Australia. You can search for over 430,000 services close to you, including financial assistance, meals, mental health counselling, shelter, family violence support, and much more. https://askizzy.org.au

    About Our Organisation

    Respect | Diversity | Inclusion

    As a group of  professional and business women we focus on improving the lives of women. Advocate for gender equity through our local, national and international networks and our affiliation with the UN (2030 Sustainable Development Goals). We offer a safe and friendly space for women to share stories, knowledge, ideas and you can contact and forge new friendships. We also provide opportunities for personal and professional development.

    Coro 88 Resturant

    Meet The President

    President Elect Sweta Gupta

    2023 - 24

    Thank you all for your support and appointing me as the club president. I am truly honoured and grateful for the trust you have placed in me to lead our club.

    First and foremost, I want to acknowledge the remarkable accomplishments of the previous president Ms. Janette Weeding and the incredible work done by her. Janette, you have set a high standard of excellence that we will strive to uphold and build upon in the coming year. Your dedication and passion have paved the way for the continued growth and success of our club. You have always been a true friend, a mentor and support system for me. Thank you! I would also like to thank each member of our club who are a true reflection of embracing diversity and inclusion. I am so blessed to be herewith you all. President Elect Sweta Gupta_2023-24.pdf

    E: bpwstrathfield@gmail.com




    Patricia Abraham Board /

    Vice President

    2023 -24

    Patricia Abraham is the Chief Executive Officer of Eurella Community Services. Eurella is an NDIS registered provider celebrating 70 years of providing supports for people with disabilities of all ages. Prior to joining Eurella in 2018 Patricia has worked in senior leadership roles within the disability sector with extensive experience in not-for-profit management, strategic planning, and advocacy.

    Mary Dimarco - Board / Executive Treasurer 

    I joined BPW Strathfield in 2015, and enjoy my work as Treasurer and advocacy.

    The challenges of running a family business (Dimarco Monuments), required the opportunity for me to interact with women in similar roles and diverse business backgrounds.  BPWStrathfield proved to be the welcoming organisation for me.  Women who share valuable knowledge, guidance, create awareness and friendship. Especially for our newly arrived from other countries. E: treasurerBPWstrathfield@gmail.com

    Faye Helou - Board / Executive Secretary

    Business woman and advocate. Passionate about – raising the status of women, both in Australia, and around the world.

    Faye has received several awards for the work she has done in this field:  BPW Australia Woman of the Year, Rotary International Service Award for Professional Excellence. The highly esteemed ‘Paul Harris Fellow’ (PHF), which is awarded in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of the world.

    Faye has held a chair on the BPW International Mentoring Taskforce, has organised NSW Equal Pay Day events, and is the founding President of BPW Strathfield. As current Board member and past president of Days for Girls Australia Limited,I continue to advocate for all women and girls. Days for Girls is an international project which is a grassroots non-profit organisation creating a more dignified, humane and sustainable world for girls through advocacy, reproductive health awareness, education and sustainable feminine hygiene - "because no girl should go without. Every girl, Everywhere.Period."

    Karen Pensabene BPWS Ambassador

    Karen has been a member for BPWStrathfield for eight years and Past President of our club. Currently Karen holds the position as Mayor Strathfield Council. Karen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our club. A strong advocate for improving the lives of women in her local constituency.

    Janette Weeding - Board / Communications.

    I feel it is a privilege to be a part of the Business & Professional Women of Australia family.I feel it is a privilege to be a part of the Business & Professional Women of Australia family.It is through BPWS that I can make a difference. Immediate Past President Janette 

    BAEco & DipEdu

    Paul Harris Fellow

    BPWA Pat Harrison

    Leadership Award

    E: bpwsmarketing@gmail.com

    E: bpws200@gmail.com


    National Past President Marilyn Forsyth.

    Eddie Middleton

    Newest member picture & profile  to come.

    Harmony Moxham.

    Young BPWStrathfield

    & BPWA Board Member 

    B.A. Criminology Maquarie University. Currently extending her knowledge through Creative Writing and Computer Science at the University of Wollongong (UOW). We have a budding author, and one to follow. 


    BPWS members are strong. We focus on issues and personal or professional development that are relevant to our community.


    continuing the legacy.

    Past Vice President Belen Deriu B.A. Law 

    Current situation: Lives: Genova. Work: UNODC (Austria). Has completed her Masters Political Science. University of de Geneve. Switzerland. Enjoying the new life in International Relations law. Program Officer for the United Nations Office Geneva and under 30! Go girl!2022

    Testemonial: I joined BPW for its values, objectives and it's international presence. As an international lawyer I work towards gender equity and fight for female basic human rights. Thanks to BPW, my social and professional insertion during my time in Australia was much easier and more enjoyable. BPW not only opened professional doors for me, but also helped me integrate socially. Its members accompanied me in my relocation process; they helped me with the simple basic procedures to settle down (opening a bank account, new phone number, new public transport card, new home), they gave me a network, they involved me in their advocacy programs, and most importantly: they gave me a loved family that made me feel welcomed and accompanied in a new country.  Belén 

    Past member & author -  Alice Mantel

    Sadly missed, we always enjoyed Alice's sharp wit and knowledge. As a practising lawyer for 30 years: crime, family law and finally and elder law as has experienced a great deal. Facing her own retirement, Alice wanted answers to her own questions about aged care, about working and making the right choice with her. A book was the answer. 

    Catherine Cahill.

    Catherine has escaped Sydney and now enjoys the Hunter Valley. We miss her input. As a  highly regarded public speaker and HR professional, Catherine has extensive experience in private, NFP and government enterprises. We still keep in touch thanks to social media.

    Orsi Toth-Pal

    Author:  "Just Landed" & operates at Experts as Team Member

    Engaged and interested in helping women and their families feel welcome and happy to live in Australia.# Just Landed website.

    Position as Senior Platform Strategy Partner at Yahoo.

    Annual Events 

    We have a strong advocate in Councilor and mayor Karen Pensabene. Karen is a role model to breaking the ceiling. For equality and equity. 

    2024 HIGHLIGHTS 

    February International Night & Candle Lighting Ceremony

    This important ceremony is held during a special BPW members and friends meeting. As we light the candles, we honour members past, present and future; honour each of the countries represented, and the accomplishments made through their dedication to our Mission. The act of lighting a candle serves as a physical reminder of their presence, illuminating the room and symbolising the light they brought into our lives.

    Guest Speaker: Mitra Shiva Hussaini


    Collection for Christmas Food Pantry. Burwood Council, BPWS, Rotary etc

    Helping hands for those in need: we are all here to help create a more secure and understanding world. 

    Christmas "Kris Kringle" and "Mingle" celebrations 6th December. 

    Volunteers High Tea Held by Strathfield Council 24NOV.

    *** St Pauls ***

    Reaching out to help those in need with Rosemary King 8th November.

    Special September Brunch meeting at Strathfield Council chambers with the newly elected Mayor. We are honoured again to have our BPWS member Karen Pensabene re-elected as Mayor Strathfield Council

    Women take the lead - Strathfield Council elections.2023.pdf

    Business and Professional Women Strathfield are supported by Burwood's Coronation Club. We congratulate Coro88 who helped spread the message that women's pay is 13% less on average to men.

    Equal Pay Day Explained:


    Pay Gap in Women's sport - Australia 


    AGM _  Wed7th June - Congratulations to all. As the outgoing President I would like to acknowledge the commitment, passion and hard work contributed by the members of BPWStrathfield. Without our women's collective we would have fewer shoulders to lean on.

    Thank you. Past President Janette Weeding BPWS.   

    President Janette and Vice President Sweta  (BPWStrathfield). Round-table consultative conference with Shadow Minister Sussan Ley. 18th May 2023.

    Honoured to participate at the meeting were childcare, superannuation products and access, returning to work after a mid-career break, and the role of small businesses in securing financial independence. Here is a summary of the main points raised during the meeting: Roundtable Meeting Shadow Minister Sussan Ley 2023.pdf. Suggestions were made to allow employees to stay connected with their employers during maternity leave to maintain job security and career progression.

    Bias and pressure faced by women returning to work, including part-time or job-sharing arrangements, were discussed, with concerns about workplace judgments and comments from both men and women.

    The impact on mental health and the need for support during the transition back to work were highlighted.

    Four key issues discussed:

    1 childcare

    2 women's participation in business

    3 superannuation

    4 mid-career break

    Information about services within the Inner-West Sydney presented at the Community Services Expo 2023. With Mayors Pensabene (Strathfield) and Faker (Burwood) Special Guest Jason Yet-Sen Li (State local Member).

    Sweta Gupta

    - a voice to be reckoned with. SMH 23Feb2023. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sweta-gupta-9563a956/


     Burwood Safety Consultation Meeting 14/03/23

    With Anthony (Outreach Youth Councillor)

    *** IWD with Strathfield Council. 8th March. With Jana Pittman

    Congratulations to our BPWS member Karen Pensabene  -Elected as Mayor of Strathfield Council 2022-23.

    Candlelight Dinner 15th February. We were delighted to have Margaret Tipper; Past BPW Australia Secretary as our honoured guest speaker.

    2022 HIGHLIGHTS on the cusp of Carona we still can embrace the relationships we forged within our BPW sisterhood.

    Catching up with our Young BPWA representative Harmony Moxham, it was a very windy morning at Wollongong. Congratulations Harmony on your award. Such an honour. 

    NOVEMBER/DECEMBER "It's in the bag" meet Phalla, the first to put her gifts for women in our "It's in the Bag" Christmas appeal. 

    Melbourne Cup Luncheon - a break from the office.

    Sadly or October EXPO at The Pavilion.Cancelled - far too wet to go ahead postponed to Autumn 2023 delighted to have the date 15th March 2023. 

    Such a pleasure to catch up with our State Representative Julianne and members of the Sydney BPW Group.  Janette Weeding & Sweta Gupta (BPWStrathfield)

    Jean Arnot Luncheon at Parliament House Sydney. What an honour to be part of this. Along with BPW Sydney we celebrated the achievement of our "heroes" our 90+ women who inspire.

    We recognise our women in the Burwood Rotary "Pride of Workmanship" Awards. Mary Demarco and Faye Helou. Along side Councilor Hugo Robinson and District governor Rotary 

    CANDLELIGHT DINNER February 2022

    The Year That Was 2021.

    Zoom; zoom; zoom.... 

    We worked on numerous projects ... like connecting with our local Afghan women; young scientists to see what was needed to start a business; watched Pioneers in Skirts and had monthly Quick Bite national meetings.

    Do you know about the Womens Empowerment Program?


    Look what we did in April, it's always lovely to wear a Sari.

    International Womens Day

    2021 IWD congratulateLalitha Mahadevan as Strathfield's Woman of the Year. Most Deserving.

    2020 Highlights

    Club meetings were put on hold due to Covid-19. IWD

    IWD Launch Women's Week  "Innate Power of Women" March 

    Candlelight Night and Hearing Krisha's Story; she's not just a "refugee". 

    2019 Highlights

    Thank you Strathfield South Public School; Fitbodz Gym and all Australians.

    DECEMBER: Christmas Dinner & Book Launch

    We love the book and it's  just in time for the holidays; shared good food, company and sing-a-long. Happy Hollidays to all. 

    Our Team:collaboration with Strathfield Council "It's In the Bag"


    We approached Strathfield Council and have agreed to a partnership to Share the Dignity. November -December Program 2019 "It's in the Bag". 

    AUGUST: Equal Pay Day. Financial Security Financial Happiness  Speaker: Sacha Burchgart. 

    Sacha is the recipient of the prestigious Affinia Practice of the Year award in 2016; finalist for the 2018 Female Excellence in Advice Award and the 2018 NAB Women in Finance Award. Sacha currently sits as Chair on the Affinia Adviser Council, has been a keynote speaker for Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Salesforce and is a regular at financial planning licensee conferences.

    We all learnt a lot and realised how important it is to plan; to secure our future and reduce pay gaps. We had an activity which was rather scary and illustrated how much we really do need to have for a secure life.  We need to plan for the "what if's " -   "shocks" that can affect our earning capacity. Shocks that could  mean that we have a really dim future, that is if we just assume nothing could ever affect us. The night wasn't all 'doom n gloom' but how to plan; the sooner you start the better.  

     Janette, Sacha and Miriam. Sacha is a real power-house of information.

    August:6 BPW Entrepreneur Social Group & BPW Sydney

    An engaging night and networking with Miriam BPWSydney president, Janette BPWStrathfield President and Sandra D'Souza Speaker President Entrepreneur Social. 

    July: Meeting and AGM @ Club Burwood.

    I would like to congratulate all the Board Members for 2019-20. We have a great team.Thank you for joining me for another year. Janette Weeding President. 

    We welcome Belen

    July: "Want to be a Rock Star" @ UTS

    Tanya Sydney Club & MC - opens the meeting and engages us all.


    May: 3 Jean Arnott Luncheon  

    @ State Parliament House.  What wonderful women. Active, engaging and 90+ years of age! We joined them in support and to hear their stories. April 13/14 BPWNSW State Conference @Gosford

    2022 Respect & Empowerment.

    1 "Days For Girls Australia"https://www.daysforgirls.org/australia 

    2  Women Empowerment Principals (WEPs United Nations)

    3  Communication | Strathfield's diverse community

    Meet or Board 

    Janette Weeding P, Sweta Gupta VP, Faye Helou Secretary, Mary Demarco treasurer, Karen Pensabene Members and Harmony Moxham (Young BPWStrathfield and Young BPWAustralia Advisory Board Member) Patricia Abraham Member.

     2023 IWD

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    Club Projects

    We choose the local, national and international projects that our club members will support our club members have chosen to focus currently on these:

    International Project: Days for Girls

    In 2023 Strathfield BPW will continue to reflect on the place that BPW Australia, and individual Clubs occupy in the world of Business and Professional Women. During 2023 our focus is on the progress of our Days for Girls project which is a feminine hygiene & education program providing quality, sustainable solutions for girls who have nothing to manage their period. Without access to hygiene products, girls within many countries in the developing world can miss up to 8 months of school every 3 years. Girls also in our remote Aboriginal communities need our support, we supply kits tho these centres as well.

    To find out more go to:






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