• 19 Feb 2023 11:53 AM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

    There’s flurry of activity around early childhood education and care. This week childcare experts attended a national summit on children under 5, last week the government established a Productivity Commission inquiry into early childhood education and care, and last month the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission began its inquiry into the cost of childcare.  And former prime minister Julia Gillard is leading a royal commission into early education and care in South Australia. 

    The Productivity Commission Inquiry is expected to lay the foundations for achieving a universally accessible, high-quality early learning and care system in Australia.  The ACCC will examine how costs and prices differ across childcare service types and locations and how these impact childcare provider viability, quality and profits.  

    A research team at Victoria University finds that universal, affordable and high-quality early education for Australian families is on the horizon, but four key challenges remain:

    • 1.    Access to early childhood education and care is not equal in Australia, and depends on where families live.
    • 2.    Despite increasing subsidies, the cost of early childhood services remains a key issue for many families.
    • 3.    The government’s “activity test” is a major barrier to parents working.
    • 4.    Early childhood educators are overworked and not paid enough

  • 12 Feb 2023 11:15 AM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

    How can the international news media represent women’s voices better? A recent report, “From outrage to opportunity: How to include the missing perspectives of women of all colours in news leadership and coverage” by Luba Kassova discusses gender parity in news leadership and production, as well as news coverage. It was commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is based on extensive research in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, India, the UK and the US.

    In an article in The Conversation, Professor Ylva Rodny-Gumede of University of Johannesburg examines gender discrimination in the news media and the hurdles and threats the contemporary media sphere presents to women journalists. Research outlining gender imbalances and female leadership in the news media remains scarce and uneven. The report shows that women in the 6 countries surveyed remain severely underrepresented in editorial leadership and in news coverage. Their voices are excluded in shaping public discourse in the male-dominated industry. Ensuring better representation of women’s voices in the news media would change not only the industry, but also public discourse.

    Other studies show that where women control news content, it tends to be more gender sensitive and representative. Women journalists are also more likely to challenge gender stereotypes, raise gender inequality issues, and reference legislation or policy that promote gender equality or human rights.

    On the upside, the “From outrage to opportunity” report focuses on solutions. It makes a case for addressing the gender gap in news consumption. This provides a multi-billion-dollar revenue opportunity for a struggling global news industry. The report argues that, if the gender gap were to be addressed and women better represented in the news media, the industry could grow female audiences exponentially. It estimates that closing the gender consumption gap could generate as much as US$83 billion over the next 10 years.

  • 05 Feb 2023 11:07 AM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

    A new CEDA report that examines the unequal distribution of male and female workers across and within job types provides a useful summary of the drivers of gendered workplaces.  CEDA analyses the impact of gender stereotyping, hiring practices, education opportunities, migration, and the ‘motherhood penalty’ on the distribution of women across occupations.  They propose formalising flexibility policies, strengthening compliance reporting and mentoring more women into we’ll paying STEM jobs.  

    Angela Priestley in Women's Agenda suggests a different approach.  Efforts to increase women in male-dominated professions like construction, mining and STEM-related fields by creating more family-friendly environments, should be complemented by placing greater value on sectors that are dominated by women like nursing, aged care and early childhood education.  If boys [and men] were encouraged into the caring professions, would there be a commensurate increase in pay and conditions that benefits both women and men?  Something to debate at your next club meeting.

  • 29 Jan 2023 4:48 PM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

    The UN's Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) will take place from 6 to 17 March 2023 in New York. Many BPW members around the world have been able to attend CSW and its parallel events as delegates and observers over the years.  Additionally, BPW International runs its own program for our members during CSW in New York.

    BPW International has Consultative Status with a range of high-level UN bodies including with ECOSOC, the UN Economic and Social Council, and UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.  CSW is a functional commission of ECOSOC, and the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and women's rights. CSW is instrumental in promoting women’s rights, documenting the reality of women’s lives throughout the world, and shaping global standards on gender equality and the empowerment of women.

    The Priority theme for this year is innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. CSW will also review the 2022 theme, which was challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls.

  • 23 Jan 2023 11:31 AM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

    BPW Australia advocated strongly for pay transparency over recent years, and it is now finally legislated as a workplace right.  We will monitor whether this leads to greater pay equity in Australia.

    Research assessing the impact of pay transparency policy on Canadian universities reveals that disclosure led to a 4% pay increase for female staff that was not evident in universities that kept pay secret.  However, the reasons seem to be systemic rather than personal – when salaries are open to public scrutiny, the universities are more conscious of the negative implications of attracting and retaining staff if gender inequity was evident in their employment practices.

  • 17 Jan 2023 5:27 PM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

    BPW Australia has long partnered with COSBOA – Council of Small Business Organisations Australia, and two BPWA Presidents have chaired the Council’s Leadership Team.

    Two of COSBOA's current projects align strongly with BPWA aims, both funded under the Australian Government’s Women’s Leadership and Development Program: 

    The Academy for Enterprising Girls is a fun and exciting entrepreneurship program, available FREE to all young women in Australia aged 10 – 18, The Academy is designed to cultivate young women’s skills in design thinking, entrepreneurial and business skills.

    This is complemented by the Accelerator for Enterprising Women  is designed to support and empower young women aged 18 to 24 years to create self-made Job Maker career paths, pursue entrepreneurship as a viable career choice and to ensure Australia’s next generation of businesswomen have the skills required to run their own businesses and transform the industries in which they work.

  • 24 Dec 2022 12:10 PM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

    Heather Ridout AO has been appointed as Australia’s Consul-General in New York, the first woman to be appointed to this role. A former Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group, Ms Ridout brings four decades of experience to the role. She is currently Director of Sims Ltd and Director of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Limited.

    Other newly appointed women include Sophie Davies as Australia’s Ambassador to Brazil, Sonya Koppe as Australia’s High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, Minoli Perera as Australia’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, and Phoebe Smith as Australia’s High Commissioner to the Cook Islands.

    Senator Penny Wong also announced the appointment of Stephanie Copus-Campbell as Australia’s next Ambassador for Gender Equality She takes over from the outgoing Ambassador for Women and Girls, Christine Clarke CSC and will deepen Australia’s international engagement on gender equality by advocating the importance of women’s human rights, ending gender-based violence, women’s economic empowerment, and the leadership of women and girls. 

  • 20 Dec 2022 8:18 AM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

    Science & Technology Australia established the Superstars of STEM program in 2017.  It is designed to propel Australian women of STEM into the spotlight, and has so far promoted 150 women leaders of STEM. Meet the 2022 Superstars of STEM.

    Science & Technology Australia offers a range of workshops, programs, and events which empower the members and staff of their member organisations.

  • 09 Dec 2022 5:28 PM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

    The Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation has released its first Australian Women’s Health and Wellbeing Scorecard: Towards equity for women, which will be produced annually. The MCHRI annual scorecard captures women’s health and wellbeing outcomes in Australia, documenting progress over time.

    The Scorecard shows that Australian women disproportionately have lower income, less engagement in the labour force and poorer health than men.  While economic indicators are improving for women, data shows that the gender gap has remained for all indicators (income, superannuation, labour force engagement and health) except unemployment.  At these rates it will take 70 years to reach equality on full time employment, and more than 200 years to reach equity on income.

    These gender inequities are negatively affecting the economy as well. The report shows that women’s labour force absence cost $72 billion in lost GDP annually.

  • 01 Dec 2022 1:26 PM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

    BPW clubs worldwide can access personal and professional development resources on the BPW International website. This BPW International webinar is presented by the Standing Committee for Development, Training and Employment.  It is introduced and facilitated by Standing Committee Chair Francesca Burack, with contributions from Standing Committee members including our own Director of Policy and BPWA Vice President Angela Tomazos.

    Want to get more done? Have an idea that you would like to implement, but don't have enough resources or time? Need to get more people or another organisation involved? Watch the video to understand how Collaboration will help you accomplish a common goal, extend your network, increase your skills and impact our members and women around the world.

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