Twinning is when one BPW club connects with another BPW club with a Twinning Charter. In the charter they agree to pursue some common interests, common goals and build a closer relationship between the two. Twinning is as varied as the clubs involved. Some twins connect to build a social exchange, others a cultural exchange and others have a common interest in an industry or profession.

Twinned clubs might visit each other, or have a member visit them, or they exchange newsletters. Most importantly they often get great ideas from each other. Twinning is an equal relationship with both clubs sharing and gaining. Beyond that Twinning is what you make of it.

The aims of BPW international twinning:

  • Foster friendship and mutual co-operation through the exchange of experiences and joint activities.
  • Promote the BPW Aim of equality and the achievement of common goals.
  • Increase the effectiveness of international networking between business and professional women.
  • Support the interchange of developmental opportunities.
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