The Impact of Family Violence on Women's Work and Careers

Each November BPW has a special focus on stopping violence against women and children, or better still, preventing violence altogether. This is driven by White Ribbon Day, a campaign held annually on 25 November that encourages men to wear white ribbons and to make a stand to stop violence against women.

Yvonne Todd, a past BPW Australia Director of Policy, developed a guide for Clubs on how to run sessions on this topic with sensitivity.  It stresses the importance of allowing time in the session for women to talk and discuss the issue and sometimes to share their stories.  

Also refer to the Sexual Violence Toolkit [link] developed by BPW Australia.

Other resources include:

  •  Domestic Violence Information Booklet (Extract):
  1. What is Domestic Violence:  Domestic Violence Info Booklet What is DV_opt            
  2. How It Begins and Myths & Facts:  Domestic Violence Info Booklet How It Begins
  3. The Cycle of Violence:  Domestic Violence Info Booklet Cycle of Violence

 BPW Australia is a friend and supporter of :

Australian Women Against Violence Alliance       White Ribbon Australia                                     


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