Mentoring benefits BPWA & the community as a whole

One of the key aims for BPW is to develop professional and leadership potential for women at all levels. BPWA wishes to be recognised as an organisation that provides its members with lifelong learning opportunities. The vision is for BPW to grow through mentoring, and be recognised as an influential organisation that develops future leaders.

Mentoring is recognised as a key development tool for business and professional women. By promoting professional development through mentoring, BPW believes that mentoring will be a key to BPW’s future growth.

Business or entrepreneurial mentoring within BPW clubs is to provide a platform for business owners to network and to form mentor and mentee/protégé relationships among members.

Career mentoring is focussed to provide the job/ career related training workshop for the protégés who want to get more preparation, advice and support for their career.

Some BPW clubs have organised community mentoring programs or skills training programs and their members help other women – members and non-members to learn new skills for their businesses or in preparation to re-enter the workforce or society.

Some of the BPWs target their mentoring towards girls in high school or University level.

Since 1996, BPW affiliates worldwide have helped over 45,000 women to become economically empowered.

Mentoring encourages and promotes increased self-confidence and self esteem, leading to more clarity in personal direction and a learning opportunity providing exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking.

The benefit of personal growth and support in achieving goals can result in the development of skills enabling better career prospects and choices.

We believe that mentoring creates a pathway to achieving another of our key ambitions: the equal participation of women and men in power and decision-making roles such as women  in politics, and women on boards in the corporate arena.

Take action and make it happen

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