Global Peace Village

Business and Professional Women (BPW) Australia support the work of BPW Sri Lanka in creating the world’s first self-sufficient Global Peace Village for over 150 families from the 500,000 displaced people who daily require feeding and shelter by the Sri Lankan government.

The President and founder of BPW Sri Lanka, Mrs. Janaki Gunawardena  had a vision that this would be the first of many such villages supported by the generosity of BPW. The first village in Illukpitiya is on a very fertile plain, with four large derelict reservoirs (tanks). These are to be restored to provide agricultural water.

The overall aim is to provide clean water, homes, a sustainable income and irrigation for families to take them out of poverty forever. Approximately 150 acres of agricultural land was donated by the government for a cooperative farm. A cow, seedlings and seed have been given to each family. Presently they are housed in makeshift shelters or in refugee camps, living day to day, not knowing what the future holds for them in an insecure environment ideal for breeding  vice and corruption. It is an urgent priority that some action is initiated to move from this dangerous trend and use this precious human resource for the development of the world.

So far 500 houses have been built on 40 perches of land each, that is titled to the recipient family. The village community centre is built and medical clinics are held there every 3-4 months. Children walk to nearby schools.

BPW clubs all over Australia have fundraised to send sums totaling over A$9,000 to this project. Our willingness to tackle one of the greatest humanitarian challenges of this century is not only a test of BPW’s commitment to human rights and our belief in the fundamental worth of the human person, it is also a step towards building a better and safer world.

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