BPW Caboolture

  • 03 Jun 2016
  • 6:30 AM
  • Centenary Lakes Function Centre

You Are The Producer - How to Take Your Why and Turn it into a Brand Video that Changes Your Industry.

All good video begins with a good story idea. We all know how profound the impact of a well told story, through video, can be. For all brands, telling the story of who your brand is, what you do and why through video, can be not only an essential tool for your website, but a way to use content through your other online channels to build trust and inspire new devotees. So how can a business owner become a Producer?

In this presentation, Melanie Fawcett, will share her easy to follow process for finding a unique story idea for your business and creating a simple script that compels your audience and conveys your passion for what you do at the same time. 

Her simple steps with examples will show you how to:

  • Identify a unique angle on your brand story
  • Turn your angle into a short story that will work for video
  • Use tech tools easily available to make professional scriptwriting a snap
  • Take your script to the production phase!

Who is Melanie Fawcett?

Melanie Fawcett LOVES telling stories. She is also passionate about the power of business to create positive social change in the world. Those two passions are embodied in Fawcett Creative, a creative agency of storytellers for the change makers. Melanie’s passion for storytelling has spanned over a decade in Australia, the UK and Thailand. In that time, she has worked with business, government, organisations and institutions alike in all areas of film, media, marketing, content development, project management, education and training.

She is a published writer, speaker and producer, with a background in Communications. She has a Bachelor of Communications degree, a Masters Degree in Creative Media and Film and Television, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education and is a fully registered and experienced educator. She's passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, talks a lot and has plans for world domination via her Ipad Mini!

Don't miss out!

Click to join us for breakfast on Friday 3rd of June at 6.30am at Centenary Lakes Function Centre, 16 Stringfellow Dve, Caboolture to hear from Melanie!

WHENFriday, 3 June 2016 from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM  
WHERE Centenary Lakes Function Centre
- 16 Stringfellow Rd, Caboolture, Queensland 4510, Australia 

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