• 18 Aug 2015
  • QT Hotel, 49 Market Street, Sydney, NSW

Next Meeting

After-work meet-up
Business & Professional Women  
BPW Sydney is having a casual meet-up on 
Tues 18th August in the CBD 
(venue QT Hotel 49 Market St, Sydney). 
Whilst not a formal presentation-style event, 
below is an overview of what you can expect:
Join us for a 5.30pm start of Networking, 
conversation and fun. RSVP here

If you are looking to build professional networks with 
other like minded women, develop your careers and 
make a contribution to the status of women in general 
then this  is a great group of women for you to join.
The networking meetings are very informal. 
There will be a meet and greet, update on BPW 
in general and if we have time some Hot Seat Questions. 

The BPW Sydney 2015 project!
We are looking at initiating a local/national project 
around WeConnect... connecting corporates and 
Governments to women-owned businesses 
website for more information). 
The event has no entry cost, you're just expected to order and pay your own coffee/drinks/nibbles if you have any! 
We hope to see many familiar faces as well as newly interested women there. Please let us know if you require any additional information.
You can RSVP here: 
BPW Sydney - Business & Professional Women
Tues 18th August 2015, 5:30-7:00pm
Join us for insight into our organisation which is empowering women and making a difference.

Club Contact Details

Email:  Sydney@bpw.com.au

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