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Young BPW is the network for young women of 35 years and under who want to network, be inspired and get ahead!

Established in 1985 as a training and self-development program for young members of BPW, it is now an international network of hundreds of young women around the world.

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2013-2016 Director of Young BPW

ERIN CHEW, a finalist for the Young BPWA Award in 2013, has been appointed as Director of YBPW (ad interim), effective March 2014.

Update April 2015 from Director Erin Chew

Young BPW has been engaging young women across the country. As Director for Young BPW, I have had the pleasure in visiting a few clubs, including BPW Maitland, Central Coast, Sydney, Caboolture and Coffs Harbour to speak about Young BPW and to consult with the clubs about the Young BPW Program for 2015.  Reflecting back, I have some fond memories in some of the activities and people I have met at some of the clubs I have visited which have inspired Young BPW to set some new ideas as well as revitalise some old initiatives.

At BPW Coffs Harbour there are great linkages with the local high school, and as an annual event a selected group of women from senior year from Coffs Harbour High School are given the opportunity to attend the dinner at IWD Candle Lighting event. The women get to share their achievements and some of their aspirations.

At YBPW this is a type of event we plan to have this year, where we will organise by region with some schools (where there are BPW clubs) to get some of the senior student girls together for them to meet an inspirational BPW member and for these girls to share their achievements and seek inspirational advice.
We also now have YBPW representatives set up across the country, the first being for BPW QLD. The idea is similar to what the state reps of BPW do which is to engage with young women in their respective states to get more involved with YBPW and to spread the name. Goal setting and coaching sessions on confidence building etc will be set up by locality so young women (whether BPW member or not - but the idea is for them to eventually join BPW) will attend these meetings to peer mentor and keep each other accountable.
My work continues in visiting clubs, and speaking at many events to young women. This is such an honour for me and will continue to engage with young women at a local and national level to keep the momentum and transform YBPW into an area where it can work cohesively with all of BPW.

Young BPW Award

Young BPW Award 2013 – Mayase Jere

Mayase is a member of BPW Melbourne North-West.  She is an IT specialist and Business Analyst.  Mayase is passionate about education and in particular in the participation of women of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

The Young BPW Award is the cornerstone of the Young BPW program within BPW Australia. The Young BPW Award is part a growth and development program, aimed at assisting women under 35 to reach their potential, through mentoring and other personal and professional skill-building opportunities.


The Award acknowledges a woman under 35 for both her BPW and career achievements, as well as recognising her potential for the future. It recognises a woman who is achieving success in her chosen path and who is committed to raising the status of women.


To be nominated for the BPW Australia Young BPW Award the candidate must:

  1. Be a current financial member of BPW
  2. Have been a member of BPW for at least 12 months at the time of national conference in 2013 or have significantly contributed to BPW at local and state/territory level
  3. Not be older than 35 at midnight on the night of the first day of conference 2013.
  4. Be employed, or have been employed, in a business or profession in the public, private or non-government sector for at least one year
  5. Be an Australian resident
 Mayase is BPW Australia's Ambassador for the Days for Girls project. Find out more...

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