12 Jul 2020 3:32 PM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

Per Capita undertakes research and develops policy recommendations with an overarching focus of fighting inequality in Australia. After rigorous peer review, their proposals are communicated widely, both in the public domain and through their network of senior government and industry decision-makers. One of Per Capita’s focus areas is gender equality, and their latest report is a great resource document.   

The report discusses pay equity in Australia and explains the limitations of the pay gap calculations – important information for BPWA’s upcoming Equal Pay Day campaign.  The summary is a useful resource for BPW Club discussions on pay equity.

BPW Australia is joining Per Capita’s coalition of organisations calling for an Australian Gender Equality Dashboard. This tool, once fully developed, could provide an ‘at a glance’ gender data set to enable comparative analysis, and provide policy makers with the information to implement programs and services to close the gender equality gap in Australia.

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