See What Women Can Be

08 Mar 2020 3:10 PM | Angela Tomazos (Administrator)

BPW Empowering Women – See what women can be

BPW Australia (the Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women) is marking International Women’s Day 2020 with a social media campaign to highlight positive role modelling to counter the “you cannot become what you cannot see” narrative. With a collective voice of over 25,000 members in Australia and Internationally, BPW members are looking to the future for women and girls.

“When we say ‘you cannot become what you cannot see’, are we suggesting today’s women & girls are somehow less imaginative, less innovative, less daring than previous generations. Are we discounting all those women who have indeed been what they have not seen?” Jacqueline Graham , BPW Australia President said.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”. These were the great words of Helen Clark, previous Administrator of the UN Development Program and 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand

In the past 150 years, we have had women elected to Parliaments , as Prime Ministers and as Heads of State. We have women in armed forces , in space, scientists & explorers. We have leaders in education, in mining, banking and healthcare. We have women role models in start-ups , family businesses and multinational organisations.

“The narrative has become that (unless there has been a forerunner), women and girls are unable to imagine or engage in a career path. Our members are concerned that we are currently experiencing a fall-back from the gains of the past . Our members regularly hear that today’s girls “can’t be what they can’t see”. BPW understands that this belief is detrimental to the career choices offered to girls from year 10 and upwards” Jacqueline said.

BPW Australia members include women who are employers and employees ,from STEM, business ,trade and professional services. Our members share a common responsibility to provide visibility of all fields to next generation and to inspire them to take any career path they can imagine.

BPW Australia invites all women’s organisations to use this campaign to highlight the work and achievements of women. We have created social media hash tags #SeeWhatWomenCanBe and #BPWEmpoweringWomen

“Let’s be clear: of course we can be what we can’t see. But if there is a role model, why shouldn’t we be able to see her. How much easier would it be to follow the path, if we could find the women holding the sign post” Jacqueline said

BPW Australia campaign will include inspirational profiles from women breaking the glass ceiling in all business fields, including from the history of BPW Clubs in Australia. An early post highlights Peta Searle. Peta is the only female senior coach in the AFLW this year, up by one from previous year. Join the #SeeWhatWomenCanBe movement , follow us on Facebook @BPWAustralia and Twitter @BPWAust

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