08 Dec 2019 9:37 AM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

In her first Forbes column on women, careers and the workplace, Andie Kramer declares there is no empirical evidence that women lack confidence, are poor negotiators, are risk-averse, or are overly burdened by domestic responsibilities. Women don’t need to be fixed - they are fine the way they are. Women and men are not fundamentally different emotionally, intellectually or psychologically, in fact there is more variation among women in temperament, ability and ambition than there is between women and men. 

In fact, women and men have similar attitudes toward families and careers.  The outmoded claim that women are best suited for caregiving and supportive roles and men for challenging, leadership roles are simply thinly disguised justifications to maintain the current workplace status quo characterised by gender-biased hiring, evaluation and promotion practices and pervasive masculine norms, values and expectations.

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