12 Oct 2019 4:25 PM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

Essays on Equality is a new publication from the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership. Written by GIWL researchers, members of the Advisory Council and leading researchers and campaigners, this essay collection provides research-informed reflections on the fight for women’s equality.  Although it tends to be UK-centric, they offer practical solutions to help create a fairer, more equal world.

The foreword by Julia Gillard, CEO of the GIWL, is followed by short opinion pieces by expert writers including

·         Former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, who reminds us that we all gain from gender equality, so it is everyone’s responsibility.

·         Senior Research Fellow Dr Rose Cook who questions whether the huge growth in diversity and inclusion activities, and the millions invested in them, is actually making a difference.

·         Professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic explains that by mistaking confidence and charisma for competence, we end up with poorer leaders and fewer women at the top.

·         Research Associate Emma Kinloch who tackles the thorny issue of Brexit, critiquing the ways in which women have been excluded or undermined during the UK’s negotiations for a deal with the EU.

·         Professor Iris Bohnet, Academic Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School, and colleagues on what venture capitalists could learn from orchestra directors who have combatted gender bias through blind recruitment processes.

·         Research Associate Laura Jones who argues more fundamental structural and cultural changes are needed to make workplaces fairer.

·         Diva Dhar from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who examines the gap in unpaid care work, which she argues must be better analysed and researched.

·         Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society, who argues expanding gender pay gap reporting, equalising parental leave and mandating flexible working could drive real progress in improving women’s working lives.

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