New Sex Discrimination Commissioner

13 Feb 2016 1:59 PM | Janis Shaw

Congratulations to Kate Jenkins who has been appointed as the next Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner on Thursday. Ms Jenkins follows the fantastic efforts of Elizabeth Broderick who left the role five months ago. Ms Jenkins is currently Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner, and brought Male Champions of Change to the state. She is a specialist in employment law and is a director of Carlton Football Club, to which role she is brings her strong commitment to diversity in sport.

Ms Jenkins said that she will start out by listening to women from all walks of life, to ensure a consensus view on the focus for improvements in gender equality while she is Commissioner. "I think part of my role is to make sure that people more broadly understand" she said.

Professor Gillian Triggs, Human Rights Commission President, said that Ms Jenkins "brings a wealth of experience to the commission, especially law, and I am cofident that she will continue to contribute greatly to our work in advancing gender equality in Australia."

Ms Jenkins will take up the role on 18 April and BPW Australia will make every effort to support her work over the next five years.  

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