01 Jul 2024 3:46 PM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

The Global Gender Gap Index has annually benchmarked gender parity across 4 key dimensions: economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment since 2006, tracking the progress of numerous economies’ efforts towards closing these gaps over time.

This year, of the Global Gender Gap Index benchmarks gender parity across 146 economies. It examines in detail a subset of 101 countries that have been included in every edition of the index since 2006, including Australia. Cross-country comparisons support the identification of the most effective policies to close gender gaps.

Search for Australia to find our rankings under a range of headings, and on p93 note the criteria where Australia is ranked 1st globally.

Australia ranks 24th overall [New Zealand ranks 4th]

Economic Participation and Opportunity 42

Educational Attainment 84

Health and Survival 88

Political Empowerment 28

Most governments have yet to make gender a systematic feature and focus of their budgetary cycle. Since the 1984 launch of the first gender budget initiative in Australia, the uptake in efforts has extended to over 100 countries. The 2024 Global Gender Gap Index shows that, while no country has achieved full gender parity, 97% of the economies included in this edition have closed more than 60% of their gap, compared to 85% in 2006.

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