03 Mar 2024 9:05 AM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

Gender inequality is a socially constructed problem. For Australia to be a global leader in gender equality, Australia must address the systemic causes of gender inequality, while also acknowledging and addressing the severe impacts of its symptoms.

This is the essence of the Australian Gender Equality Council’s pre-budget submission to the federal government. This comprehensive analysis gender inequality in Australia is a solid foundation for BPW advocacy and a useful resource for clubs. 

AGEC’s research reveals that the root cause of gender inequality in Australia is gender role assignment and stereotypes which are formed in early and primary childhood. This problem can only be addressed at the household level and in early and primary school education. It is also impacted by the media our children are absorbing.

As a country, we need to understand at what age these stereotypes and gender role assignments are occurring in Australian children. Gender role stereotypes are ultimately the cause of our gender-segregated economy, division of domestic labour, domestic and family violence and workforce participation rates and must be addressed in any Intergenerational National Strategy as a priority. Without addressing the causes of gender inequality, as a country, we will need to assign funding to addressing its symptoms ad infinitum which is both short-sighted and an unfair burden on future generations of Australians. 

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