07 Apr 2022 1:32 PM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

The official Budget Overview includes a dedicated page for women. The Women’s Budget Statement is a separate budget booklet with sections on women's safety, economic security and health and wellbeing. 

The National Foundation of Australian Women applied a gender lens to the 2022 election budget, noting that the $2.1 billion allocated to initiatives to support women and girls, dispersed over several years, amounts to no more than 0.3% of total expenditure. NFAW noted the Women’s Budget Statement provides a gender-focused analysis in areas of direct relevance to women but does not provide a gender impact assessment across the entirety of all budget measures. Applying a gender lens across all areas of expenditure and revenue measures, through the process of Gender Responsive Budgeting, would provide more comprehensive analysis and support more gender equitable policy development.

The Women's Safety section focuses on prevention as a women’s issue, with targeted efforts for key populations. Associate Professor Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Director of the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre, observes that it never mentions men as central to this work – despite the fact that prevention strategies are absolutely critical to reducing violence against women, we need men to be a core part of this, and we need to name the problem of men’s violence.

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