06 Mar 2022 11:09 AM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

BPW Australia is a founding member and partner of the Australian Gender Equality Council. AGEC’s founding members collectively represent over 500,000 women and girls.  AGEC’s Manifesto aligns with BPW Australia’s aims and objectives.

AGEC’s vision is simple – to achieve gender equality in Australia. Through high profile national awareness campaigns, advocacy and research, it aims to drive a cultural shift in Australia so that women and men have the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of the community. AGEC believes that gender equality will be achieved when the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of women and men are equally valued, respected and are manifest in Australian society.

AGEC’s objectives are:

To act as an authoritative and independent voice for gender equality in Australia

To advocate for and raise awareness of gender equality in Australia

To develop research driven policy in the area of gender equality in Australia

To raise awareness of the impact upon gender equality of policy and legislation.

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