12 Nov 2021 4:43 PM | Jean Murray (Administrator)

Now in its 13th year, Go Home on Time Day on Wednesday 17 November 2021 is a great way for employees to remind ourselves that life shouldn't revolve around work alone. Conceived by The Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work in 2009, the day is a light-hearted way to start necessary conversations in our workplaces about work/life balance, the value of time, and time theft.

Based on a national survey, the average employee in Australia loses 5.3 hours per week to unpaid overtime – or 273 hours per year. Australians worked 2.9 billion hours of unpaid overtime in 2020, worth almost $100 billion per year. That’s a windfall for employers. But it hurts family budgets, reduces consumer spending, and damages the economy. Worst of all, it makes it even harder to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

As COVID-19 affected working patterns last year, even more hours were worked without pay than in 2019 – and more hours, even paid ones, were worked outside of normal working hours. On Go Home On Time Day this Wednesday, protect yourself against time theft: go home, exercise, cook a healthy meal, spend time with your family or your friends.

Check the unpaid overtime calculator here. And if you’re an employer, use it to check how much unpaid time you’re donating to your business, and how much your time is really worth.  Pay yourself properly! You’re worth it.

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