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BPW Melbourne actively encourages our members to thrive by getting involved in projects that suit their unique goals for personal and professional development.

As well as offering regular opportunities to get hands on with event organising and promotional activities or through roles at business meetings, we also facilitate mentoring to learn the ins and outs of policy development.

Policy guides an organisations values, sets out process and provides a platform for engaging with the media, governments and external stakeholders. But it’s a daunting space and easily lands in the ‘too hard basket’ when it comes to learning more.

We’re thrilled to have members who are experts in this field. Caroline Bayliss, our Club’s Immediate Past President and current Vice President (Membership) is one of our experts who has mentored members by taking them through it step by step.

In April 2022, Caroline presented to BPW Australia’s National Conference, offering insights into BPW’s work to develop a submission to the Victorian Gender Equality Strategy process.

Over six years, BPW contributed ideas and advice to the Victorian Government as it put together a transformational government policy. This Strategy now holds agencies and public sector bodies to account on gender equality by improving transparency and setting out standards to secure positive progress.

This work was pivotal in creating the Victorian State Policy Sub-Committee. This Committee brought together all Victorian Clubs to contribute to developing policies that set out the National position on priority issues for our membership.


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Our BPW Melbourne Vice President (Membership) Caroline Bayliss presented on BPW's contribution to the Victorian Gender Equality Strategy to the 2022 National Conference in Adelaide. 

See the presentation below to get an idea of what policy is, why it's important and how BPW has contributed to transforming work towards gender equality in Victoria. 

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