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Business Leaders Agree Gender Equity is Good Business Sense

As G20 countries met in Sydney in mid-July to discuss global trade and finance, business leaders came together at an important event highlighting the difference women’s empowerment and gender equity make to the bottom line.  The Grattan Institute reports that a six per cent rise in female participation would increase the size of the Australian economy by around $25 billion a year. 

With the productivity imperative and growth targets in mind, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (ACCI) Productivity Leadership Program, with partners  BPW Australia, the Australian National Committee for UN Women, UN Global Compact Network Australia, Australian Human Rights Commission,  AMMA,  AWRA and Corporate Sustainability Australia, hosted this special WEPS event. Business and Professional Women (BPW) Melbourne partnered with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to deliver this high level event. Read  more here: Business leaders agree gender equity is good business sense.

Equal Pay Day - September 5 2014

Equal Pay Day marks the period of extra days in the current year which women need to work to achieve the same wages that men earned during the previous financial  year. Equal Pay Day recognises how much longer women have to work to earn the same as men in one year. So for every 12 months that men work, for example, women may have to work approximately an extra 60 odd days - and that is Equal Pay Day.This year, that day falls on Sept 5. Read more about Equal Pay Day here

On September 16, BPW Melbourne hosted an event to raise awareness of the relevance of Equal Pay Day, and to actively  practise the Women's Empowerment Principles. Executive Committee member Jacqueline Graham convened the evening, and was joined by colleagues Christine Sturgess and Michelle Matthews to lead an interactive panel discussion on "Bridging the Pay Gap".

Some comments from the evening:

"The most informative part of the evening was around ensuring you build your business case from the persective of the company: what will they gain by investing in you ?"

"I didn't realise how complex the process of determining benefits packages, selecting appropriate candidates, and negotiating a salary can be before this evening."

"The best part of the evening was the interaction after the forum, because the conversation was so engaging... So inspiring to have so many women wanting to take steps on their own behalf."

"I learnt not to give up, to ask: 'What is it I need to do differently to get a pay rise next time ?'"

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