Jean Randall

1951 - 1953 
BPW Australia President

BPW International Vice President
BPW International Chairman Membership

Occupation:  Academic, Lecturer in French

Miss Randall was a small, very dignified woman, exacting with a keen loyalty to BPW.  

Jean was a lecturer in French at the University of Western Australian , and will be remembered for her significant contribution to discussions at conferences.

She was Vice President of the International Federation and also Membership Chairman. In 1988, still a force in her own State, Jean once wrote:

“The matter of committee responsibility is a most important one for our Federation. As we grow in numbers and especially as we hope, in the number of clubs, the work of the executive will become far too heavy for the honorary officers unless responsibility can be delegated and accepted by our committees.”

During Jean’s Presidency discussions were held with the National Council of Women, as BPWA had been working on a separate intervention in the Basic Wage Case before the Arbitration Commission 1953.   BPWA gave financial support and the two organisations appointed an honorary counsel to argue against the proposed reduction of the female wage rate from 75 per cent to 60 per cent.  The campaigning of BPWA and other women’s organisations saw the 75 per cent rate maintained until the Equal Pay Cases of 1969, rather than it being reduced.

BPW Australia Board 1951 to 1953 

President           Miss Jean Randall

Immediate Past President   Mrs Una Prentice

Vice Presidents       Miss Ouida Cross, Miss Alice Brown, Miss Clara Behrend, Dr. Christine Walsh, Miss Hilda Towns, Mrs G. Brooks

Hon. Secretary         Miss Anne Wood

Hon. Treasurer     Miss Mary Kennedy Brown

Publicity         Miss Patience Thoms

International Relations   Mrs Joan Rosanove

Thank you to the women behind the BPW Australia Past President History Project:
Project Leader, Past President Marilyn Forsythe (2007-2013), 
Past President Kay Morrison (2004-2007), Margaret Tipper, BPWA Executive Secretary (2016+), Robyn Duncan (BPWA Public Officer), Trish Clifford (BPW Central Coast) and Jean Murray (Immediate Past BPWA Executive Secretary) for their assistance and research.  The Past President History will continue to expand as information becomes available about the National Presidents since 1947.  

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