Ella Keenan AM

BPW Australia President

1996- 1998   BPWA President

1998 - 2000  BPWA President

1994 - 1996  BPWA Vice President External Policy

Occupation:  Business woman

Clubs: BPW Warrnambool, Victoria

        BPW Swan Hill, Victoria


Chair of Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia Ltd.

A paper submitted by BPWA identifying the ingredients of a family friendly workplace, a paper prepared by BPW Australia in conjunction with the National Council for Single Mothers and their Children, 1997

A Member of the Taskforce on Industry Self-Regulation

BPW Australia Board 1996 to 2000

President                                     Ella Keenan

Vice President External Policy        Caren Schadel

Vice President Internal Policy         Chin Lim

Vice President Communications      Maureen Wright

Treasurer                                    Jean Price

Finance Officer                             Beverley Roberts        

Thank you to the women behind the BPW Australia Past President History Project:
Project Leader, Past President Marilyn Forsythe (2007-2013), 
Past President Kay Morrison (2004-2007), Margaret Tipper, BPWA Executive Secretary (2016+), Robyn Duncan (BPWA Public Officer), Trish Clifford (BPW Central Coast) and Jean Murray (Immediate Past BPWA Executive Secretary) for their assistance and research.  The Past President History will continue to expand as information becomes available about the National Presidents since 1947.  

Please submit further information and photos to secretary@bpw.com.au

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