Anne Wood

1957 - 1960
BPW Australia President

1959 – 1962   BPW International
Member of the Ad Hoc Committee for Refugees 
Chairman of the Nominations Committee
United Nations Program for 25 years

Occupation:   Executive Assistant in the Wool Industry

At the BPW Australia Conference held in Canberra, Anne Wood now dec. remarked that:

“Women have a tremendous part to play in meeting the paramount need of our time, the creation of a pattern of peaceful living acceptable to the whole world. We business and professional women see to make the best possible contribution to the welfare of our country working in full partnership with men. There is no doubt that full partnership would harness the ability potential of women for the general good. I have complete confidence in the increasing value of our influence in the days that lie ahead”.

At the Canberra Conference a Fare Pool was passed which Anne Wood had been promoting as a Past Finance Chairman. The Fare pool contribution from each member was six shillings and eight pence per annum, or 68 cents. The Conference was also the last annual one as the future conferences were to be biennial.

At the Conference a report was presented from the Commonwealth Public Service Commissioner that the basic pay for women in the Public Service was 75% of the wage for men and there were no discriminatory practices within the Pubic Service!

A further issue was the ‘Rate for the Job’ and it was during the Conference that the New South Wales Premier, Joseph Cahill,  announced in the media that his Government planned to introduce equal pay for men and women under State Awards before the 1959 state elections. The news was greeted with great acclaim at the Conference.

Anne attended the 8th BPW International Congress in Paris.

BPW Australia Board 1957 to 1960

President           Anne Wood

Hon Secretary               Patience Thoms

Hon Treasurer             B.M Cheyne

Immediate Past President   Jean Arnot

Senior Vice President     J.M. Robertson                             

Vice Presidents     Mary Thomson (Brisbane), L. Cunningham (Maryborough),

                          G. Bowles (Bendigo), B. Henson (Sydney), H.B. Henson (Canberra)

Thank you to the women behind the BPW Australia Past President History Project:
Project Leader, Past President Marilyn Forsythe (2007-2013), 
Past President Kay Morrison (2004--2007), Margaret Tipper, BPWA Executive Secretary (2016+), Robyn Duncan (BPWA Public Officer), Trish Clifford (BPW Central Coast) and Jean Murray (Immediate Past BPWA Executive Secretary) for their assistance and research.  The Past President History will continue to expand as information becomes available about the National Presidents since 1947.  

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