Friday Forum

Strong Women, Strong Communities, Strong Economic Security


9.30am to 4pm  Friday 15 October 2021 in the Regatta Room at Oceanique

Join us for networking with our BPW members over a tea or coffee, and meet business and professional women from around Australia

Strengthen your leadership potential and build your competence, capacity and confidence in your personal and professional arenas

Friday Forum Speakers 

photos here

BPW Australia brings you an inspiring band of strong women – South Australian leaders, Telstra Award winners and expert BPW members – to share their stories, their experience and their business acumen

Kylie Bishop        Telstra Winner and IncredibleU CEO, entrepreneur, coach and mentor

Sarah Gun           Founder social equity promotor GoGoEvents, award-winning innovator

Carol Hanlon       Serial entrepreneur with local, national and international experience

Carolyn Savage   BPW New Zealand Past President, SDGs and sustainable business

Gillian Lewis        Founder and co-convenor of the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast

Heather Jensen   Company Director and Financial Planner

Dr Jean Murray   Telstra Finalist, leadership coach, ethicist, academic and policy expert

Wendy Teasdale-Smith SA Coordinator for Women on Boards Australia

Morning Workshops 
What do we each bring to teams besides our professional expertise? Learn how much value you really add.

Managing me, managing time, managing teams for success: building competence, capacity and confidence.

Lunchtime Panel

An inspiring panel of women facilitated by Ann-Marie Chamberlain, Chair of Volunteering SA/NTWhat makes a successful entrepreneur? Success in business is more than just profit. Learn about profit-for-purpose entrepreneurship and impactful social enterprise.

Afternoon workshops

Engaging and practical, take home new knowledge and skills you can use in your professional and personal life: Learn more about your behavioural profile so you can enjoy a bright financial future, and how to maximise the benefit of your social media. Find out what you need to know about corporate and non-profit boards.

BPW actively promotes personal development, provides a forum for the exchange
of ideas, 
knowledge and experience and lobbies on issues affecting women.

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