Member Directory Refresh - June 2020

We are currently redesigning the Member Directory and the new version will go LIVE soon.

Our apologies for any inconvenience to members.

During transition members can still prepare for what will be displayed on their own listing by editing their Member Profile after Login.

All membership fields have privacy settings and can be switched by the member to ensure only their chosen details are visible according to each member's decisions.

Visibility Online Options for every member

  • BPW Administration Only
  • BPW Members Only
  • General Public

This means that members can choose what information they choose to share with others in the Member Directory from the following fields:

  1. Full Name
  2. Profile Photo - Head and Shoulders Portrait. This will display inside a circular frame.
  3. Business Directory Listing Summary - Short paragraph about your business or special interests.
  4. Website URL - if applicable.

Only current financial members' details will be displayed.

Remember if you need help then send an email to

Login here to view your personal member profile and access Member Only pages

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