BPW Clubs are invited to nominate members for the biennial BPW Awards that will be presented at the BPW Australia National Conference.

The application forms are accessible below right.  

To be eligible for nomination, each individual nominee should be a financial member, and nominating BPW Clubs must be financial on the nomination date.

All Awards must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, 21st September 2018 and nomination forms are to be sent to the Executive Secretary at secretary@bpw.com.au

Jean Arnot Award

The Jean Arnot Award was established in 1994 to honour the life and commitment of Jean Arnot, a past National President and pioneer of the fight for equal pay in Australia.

The Award seeks to recognise outstanding commitment and service to women through BPW, nationally or internationally. The nominee will have made a major change to administration, policies or projects that established a major benefit for women.  The nominee must be a current member of BPW and length of BPW membership must exceed 5 years.

Pat Harrison Award

BPW Clubs may submit nominations for this award, which recognises a Club President who held office between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2018.  The nominated member must have held the office of Club President for a minimum of 12 months. The Award winner is chosen by Past BPW International President Pat Harrison. 

The criteria for the award are:

 - Leadership in mentoring club members

 - Leadership in promoting Young BPWs into the Club
 - Leadership of programs in the Club
 - Leadership of programs in the community.

Power to Make a Difference Award

This Award is part of a BPW International program and recognises a Club that demonstrates the capacity of BPW to make a difference for women. 

This Award can be in one of three categories:
-  Action
- Leadership

The project presented can be any national or international project managed by a BPW Australia Club. It will be judged on the difference the outcome of the project has had upon women, the significance of the change, and the number of women it affected. This Award mirrors the BPW International Award and the winner will be encouraged to nominate for the International Award at the Congress in 2020, being held in the USA.

Freda Miriklis Award

Clubs nominate a member over 35 years of age who is an outstanding woman of achievement, not only in BPW, but in their business life.  Please see the Information Pack for full details in relation to the recipient requirements and the nomination paperwork.

Beryl Nashar Award

This Award recognises a BPW member with 3 or more years of membership who has made an outstanding contribution to BPW. It honours Professor Beryl Nashar OBE, Past President of BPW Australia and BPW International.

NOTE: this is a President’s Award and will be selected by the BPWA National President to recognise a member who has contributed significantly to the BPW Aims and purpose during the President’s term. No nominations required.

Awarded by the President

Club Annual Report Award

This Award is presented to the BPW Club who has produced an Annual Report either for the years 2016-2017 or 2017-2018.   A copy of the annual report can be forwarded electronically to the Executive Secretary at secretary@bpw.com.au or post to: 45 Lytton Street, Wentworthville 2145,

**NEW**   BPWA Club Awards

The following Awards who been approved by the BPWA Board to be awarded at the 2018 Conference to exceptional Club Members to recognise the invaluable contribution that Club Members make to BPW.  

A Nomination Form is required for these awards and you will need to tick off the Award that you are nominating a member for.  Remember that all members who are nominated must be a BPWA financial member at the time of nomination.  

All Awards must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, 21st September 2018.  

BPW Club Committee Member Award 

This Award is nominated by the Club Presidents, based on engagement, support of Club President and growth in role; this award seeks to recognise and acknowledge the impact and service of a Club Management/ Executive Committee member during the past 2 years. Our Club Committees provide the continuity of business in the BPW network. The nominee will have made a recognisable contribution to this aspect of her Club.

New Member Award

This Award is nominated by Club members; to a woman who has joined within the past two years. Renewal of passion and drive in BPW Clubs can be enhanced by the contribution and engagement of new members. This award seeks to recognise this enhancement by acknowledging the verve of the newest women in our network. Each nomination should outline the connection and impact shown by the nominees, seen in their Club events or regular meetings, in their project work or in engagement with Club business.

BPW Member Mentor Award

This Award is nominated by Club Presidents/ Committee members; at the heart of the BPW mission is the formal and informal mentoring and coaching provided within our Clubs. This award will be presented to a member who has shown commitment and interaction with BPW member mentoring: by being a mentor, or coaching other members to be mentors, or engaging in mentoring programs within the local community.

Club Commitment Award 

This Award is nominated by Club members; as important as our newest members are, the longevity of the BPW movement is testament to the loyalty and commitment of our long-term members. This award will recognise the consistent hard work of these women and will be presented to a member who has actively maintained her BPW commitment for longer than 10 years and continues to offer counsel and support in her club, or to other clubs.

Membership Engagement Award

This Award is nominated by Club Presidents, or State Representatives; to a member who has created or contributed to a club specific membership growth or initiative which has had a measurable impact on Club membership growth.

State Engagement Award

This Award is nominated by State Representatives / State President; to a member who has shown influence or engagement across clubs; working to improve the network of Clubs in her State or territory, or across State lines, thereby improving the effectiveness of the Club network.

BPW Member Influence Award

This Award is an open nomination from Clubs, States or National Executive; to a member who best represents the ideals and aspirations of BPW, at Club level. (Not a current committee member.)  This award is designed to recognise those members who best encapsulate the ethos of BPW: supporting, encouraging and coaching other women: influencing projects and advocacy on a local level, and in her local community.

Conference Organiser Award

This Award is given to the Conference Committee member(s) who delivered most support, efficiency or commitment, in contributing to a successful National Conference.

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